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Apple Sauce

A friend of ours has many apple trees and we went to pick 7, 5-gallon buckets of them for use at home and the hunting land. We made apple cider, apple sauce and threw some around out in the woods for a doe and her fawn.


20 cups apples, or enough to fill a 12 quart pot

4 cups water

1 cup sugar

3 teaspoons powdered citric acid or 3 tablespoons lemon juice

1 teaspoon cinnamon

Chop apples to remove the core, leave skins on. I chopped enough to fill my large 12 quart stock pot. Approximately 20 cups of apples.

Add 4 cups of water to the apples and cook on medium heat for 20 minutes. Stir to make sure the apples are cooking evenly.

Remove from heat and let cool. I used a food sauce processor to remove the skins from the sauce.

Return to the cleaned stock pot and add in sugar and cinnamon if desired.

I added in 3 teaspoons of powdered citric acid to preserve the color and add in a little tartness.

Fill quart jars and follow up with the water bath canning method. Boiling jars in 2-3 inches of water for 10 minutes.


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