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About Us

Grunge Wood


Growing, foraging and hunting are essential parts of living here in MN. There are so many wild edibles to be enjoyed throughout the year and most people are too afraid to try them or don't have the knowledge to know what is what. I am a certified mushroom expert by the University of MN and have been foraging for 7 years now. I also have a large organic garden and compost daily using a worm compost. We also raise chickens for eggs. 

Come along with me as I share my experiences with you. Sign up for the blog and follow me on Facebook or Instagram.  


Home gardening is essential on a homestead. We use organic growing methods and worm compost every kitchen scrap for growing healthy soil.  Join us for gardening tips and recipes.


We forage our property for wild greens, flowers and mushrooms. We make herbal tinctures and eat wild green salads throughout the year. There are more than one way to spruce up a salad.


Hunting is our heritage and what we will continue for our family. We hunt grouse, venison, pheasant, antelope, and salmon. Join us on the journey to wild meat.


Our Mission

Growing Trees


Planting forests or trees is something everyone can participate in. Grow a tree in your yard or plant many on larger acres of land. We are working with the MN DNR Forest Stewardship Program to manage and maintain healthy woodlands of northern MN. 


All donations made are directly used to purchase trees from the MN DNR to replant old-growth forest that had been turned into farmland. This farmland we are restoring, by planting native, disease-resistant trees to Minnesota. By planting trees we are creating a healthy wildlife habitat for small game birds and whitetail deer.

Though these efforts we are teaching the next generation the importance of hunting, foraging and stewardship of the land.

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