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Forest for life

Our earth, our forest, our future

Thinking about the future of our planet, ourselves and the wildlife in which we share it with, we are doing some deep thinking on ways we can help. By providing guidance on building the future use for our land. We are adding large trees to our landscape that live a long time, to add stability and food that can convert carbon to energy safely. That way it shades the soil and provides a rich and healthy landscape full of resources for the future.

We are setting an example to restore 160 acres of old farmland by developing a food forest for ourselves and native wildlife. Doing this will provide many generations with a healthier landscape.

Ways you can help:

Save tree seeds. If you have leaves in your yard in the fall, you also have an abundance of tree seeds. 

Get the family involved, gather the seeds and send them to your local DNR. They will gladdly pay you for the collected seeds. Here is a link to the Minnesota State Forest Nursery.  They start seedlings from the collected seeds and help grow desease resistant trees that can withstand climate change.

Saving Tree Seeds
Saving Pine Cone Seeds

Get to know the seeds around you

Here are a few varieties of collected seeds in our area.


Growing Trees

Creating a Feast for a Forest of wild game animals

Creating a landscape for a sustainable future takes time and planning. Here are a few trees to get started on your own plot of land. We are choosing to motivate the next generation to replenish what has been weathered over the years of farming. Trying to instill the values of preserving the natural habitat and the natural watershed process. The more people who can get on a similar path the better. Creating a happier food system from wild game meat. Happier animals create a happier outlook on life creating a more balanced life for us all.

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