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Forest for life

Our earth, our forest, our lives

This world needs our help. A simple answer is to plant trees. When you fly over a nation and all you see is weathered farmland with no trees to protect it, you stop and think. How can we contribute to creating a world that can sustain our population? When you feel strongly about the change that is needed, we need to rally together and move people to take action. Our farmlands need shelterbelts to protect from the wind and erosion of the soil. Wildlife need homes. We all need to work together to take responsibility for maintaining and caring for the earth.

Ways you can help:

Save tree seeds. If you have leaves in your yard in the fall, you also have an abundance of tree seeds. 

Get the family involved, gather the seeds and send them to your local DNR. They will gladdly pay you for the collected seeds. Here is a link to the Minnesota State Forest Nursery.  They start seedlings from the collected seeds and help grow desease resistant trees that can withstand climate change.

Saving Tree Seeds
Saving Pine Cone Seeds

Get to know the seeds around you

Here are a few varieties of collected seeds in our area.


Growing Trees


Planting forests or trees is something everyone can participate in. Grow a tree in your yard or plant many on larger acres of land. We are working with the MN DNR Forest Stewardship Program to manage and maintain healthy woodlands of northern MN. 


All donations made are directly used to purchase trees from the MN DNR to replant old-growth forest that had been turned into farmland. This farmland we are restoring, by planting native, disease-resistant trees to Minnesota. By planting trees we are creating a healthy wildlife habitat for small game birds and whitetail deer.

Though these efforts we are teaching the next generation the importance of hunting, foraging and stewardship of the land.

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Help us make a difference

Thank you for your support!

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