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Chicken Of The Woods


Finding time to connect with nature helps widen your scope of knowledge and opens pathways to find alternate routes to better inner strength and healing. Connecting stronger core messaging with the world around you, brightening mindsets and direction in life.

One step closer to strengthening immune systems, by eating local, foraging wild greens and mushrooms, and hunting wild game. For stronger families and preserving our heritage for connecting a stronger future.

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Foraging wild mushrooms in Minnesota

Foraging mushrooms in Minnesota offers a delightful journey into the state's diverse ecosystems, where enthusiasts can discover prized varieties such as morels, chicken of the woods, and hen of the woods. Morel mushrooms, with their distinctive honeycomb appearance, emerge in spring woodlands, drawing foragers to moist, wooded areas. These sought-after fungi are commonly found near dead or decaying trees.

Chicken of the woods, recognized for its vibrant orange to yellow shelves, is a distinct find in Minnesota's forests. This wild mushroom often grows on living or dead hardwood trees, making late spring through early autumn an ideal time for harvesting.

Hen of the woods, also known as maitake, presents another appealing option for foragers. This mushroom, with its layered, fan-shaped structure, is typically found at the base of oak trees in late summer and fall. Its robust flavor and versatility in cooking make it a coveted discovery.

As with any foraging, it's crucial for enthusiasts to accurately identify mushrooms before consumption, as some varieties can be toxic. Minnesota's varied landscapes offer a rich tapestry for mushroom foraging, providing both novices and seasoned foragers with the opportunity to connect with nature and savor the flavors of the wild.

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