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Chicken of the woods

It doesn't look like chicken, but it sure does taste like chicken. Slightly like lemon pepper chicken, but it grows on a tree. A beautiful example of nature's beauty. I found this in hunting camp, glowing in the woods. It was a good find! My children were there with me, It was a fun experience.

Processing chicken of the woods, is easy if you have a freezer. Just clean them up and put them in the freezer. I just cut off the tender outside bits and vacuum seal them in a bag.

I only eat a few wild mushrooms at a time, a small 4 oz portion size of them. I don't want any adverse reactions, but I do want the immune system boost from them. Adapting your body to a new mushroom should be a slow process, don't go out and eat a ton of these. A little bit is just fine. If you have any stress from it. Don't eat it. Not everyone should eat wild mushrooms. It is so out of the loop now days, we just aren't adapted to eating them. Go slowly if making any adjustments in your body of foods. Once you are adapted, well then you are a little bit smarter ;). Good luck on your searching, and get out and enjoy the wonderful world outside.

Where to find them

This was found on a log in moist woods. They are found on hardwoods such as Elm trees, Ash Trees or Oak Trees. These are in the late summer months of August-September in Minnesota.


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