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Hunting Season

Let's HUNT

Ruffed Grouse

Ruffed Grouse

Hunting grouse

Grouse hunting season in Minnesota starts in early September and runs through the beginning of January. We bring the family up to the northern Minnesota woods in the George Washington State Forest, in MN. The ATV trails are amazing and the scenery is amongst one of my favorite destinations to go. 

The area we grouse hunt is full of huge pines and has a mix of new and old-growth forests. It is an actively managed and logged area to provide lumber to support the local economy.


By cutting the trees, it allows growing new forests that small game birds like. This makes it a prime location for grouse hunting. It also provides good fire breaks for maintaining safety of the forests.

The animals we hunt are grouse, venison, pheasant, antelope, and Alaska's sockeye salmon. Our blog is a work in progress, so please be patient as we add more content.

Subscribe to our blog to help us grow more trees. By helping grow quaking aspen, pine and a variety of fruit trees we are also providing more opportunities for wildlife to flourish for future generations.


Planting forests or trees is something everyone can participate in. Grow a tree in your yard or plant many on larger acres of land. We are working with the MN DNR Forest Stewardship Program to manage and maintain healthy woodlands of northern MN.


All proceeds made are directly used to purchase trees to replant old-growth forests that had been turned into farmland. This farmland we are restoring, by planting native, disease-resistant trees to Minnesota. By planting trees we are creating healthy wildlife habitat for small game birds and whitetail deer.

Though these efforts we are teaching the next generation the importance of hunting, foraging and stewardship of the land.

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