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Rhubarb Water

This year I am trying some new techniques to stay healthy going into winter. Being a blonde is hard work in MN. Winters can be a huge grumpville for me, so I am working on keeping my body happy. Everyday I have been drinking a glass full of lemon water when I wake up in the morning. So far so good, I have been feeling great.

Rhubarb can also be used in this method. I am going to chop it up and let it brew in the water and have it in the fridge to drink every morning. A locally grown boost of vitamin C to help cleanse and refresh each day. The deer also enjoy rhubarb. They came along and ate all of the rest of the plants and enjoyed their own rhubarb water. ;)

My daughter and I picked a load of it from grandma & gramps to make it through the winter. I am trying to preserve my heritage, survival techniques and share the journey with you all. Thanks!


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