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Chamomile Oxymel

What is an Oxymel? Well it's good for your melon. It helps when life gets stressful and you just want to calm your nerves. It keeps you in the fresh zone, or keeps your blood oxygenated. It wards off germs. Plants are your friends and there are a lot of us who need to consume more of them to stay healthy.

creating a oxymel with freshly picked chamomile, honey and apple cider vinegar

Here is the recipe for chamomile oxymel, please enjoy!


1 part dried chamomile flowers & borge leaves

1 part local organic honey

1 part apple cider vinegar

Fill 1/3 of a mason jar with dried herbs, pour desired amount of honey on top of the herbs, top off with apple cider vinegar. mix Shake daily for 4 weeks. Strain and enjoy with some hot tea or in ice water.

I love growing chamomile in the garden, it is so soothing and the borge leaves have a cucumber flavor. The bees love them and they come back by themselves every year.

They are a must have for any gardener.


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