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Sourdough Sandwich Bread

I was determined to figure out how to make sourdough bread. There were so many bad and confusing recipes out there and I just made this up after being frustrated by bad recipes.

This is as simple as sourdough gets. Follow the starter directions on my previous post, once you have your starter ready, go ahead and try making 2 full loaves of bread.

Sourdough Sandwich Bread
Sourdough Sandwich Bread

In the AM of baking day. 8am


1 1/2 cup starter - (my starter is 2 weeks old, just a baby) It may get stronger as time goes on.

1 1/3rd cup warm water

3 1/2 cups of flour

1/4 cup olive oil

2 tbsps maple syrup

1 tbsp salt

Mix in a kitchen aid blender until smooth. Cover with a towel or plastic wrap and let it sit in a warm spot until it has risen to the top of the bowl. It will look pretty close by dinner time. It is winter here in MN and my kitchen is around 68-70 degrees. Warmer kitchens may rise faster.

Dump the mixture onto a floured counter, sprinkle flour on the top. It should be pretty sticky. Grab the edges and squish them into the middle of the dough blob and keep turning and folding gently into the middle, maybe 6-7 times. Have fun, let the kids help.

Cut them in half and shape them into loaf blobs and tuck them into 2 glass buttered baking loaf pans.

Lightly brush olive oil on top, cover them with plastic wrap. Walk away and let them rise for an hour or so. Make sure to take the wrapping off before the plastic gets stuck to the dough.

Continue to rise until it is above the baking loaf.

8 pm Baking time

Once it looks good, bake at 350 degrees for 40-45 mins until you reach 205 degrees internal temp, or the top looks golden browned on top.

Enjoy this beautiful loaf before bed time with fresh melted butter and not worry if it is going to make you fat, just be happy :)

Love Faye.

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