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Strawberry Swedish Pancakes

Every morning I think about what to make for breakfast, well, these strawberry Swedish pancakes are something the kids will eat and I can make it quickly before school. Sometimes it doesn't look this fancy, but it is great for the weekends. It is the best with freshly grown strawberries in the springtime from my own garden.


1 cup Whole Milk - Organic from Happy Cows

2 eggs - Fresh Pasture Raised Chickens

1 Tsp. Vanilla

1/2 cup Oat Flour

Pinch of salt

To make oat flour, take 1/2 cup of rolled oats and blend them on high in a single serving blending cup. I used the Ninja mixer. Mix until it it a fine powder.

Mix all the ingredients in a 2 cup measuring cup until smooth.

Add a bit of butter to a nonstick fry pan, pour a little bit of the mixture to coat the bottom of the frying pan, cook on medium-high heat until each side is golden brown.

Fill with strawberries and a little bit of strawberry butter, or whipped cream!

Drizzle maple syrup of the top.



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