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Ramp Pesto

Every spring I look forward to finding wild ramps in the woods with the kids. My son Hunter always says, look wild onions. My daughter Lily helps pick wild violets.

Ramp Pesto

Ramp pesto is easy, you just blend up the greens until they are smooth.

1/2 cup Olive oil

1/4 cup Lemon juice

A handful of fresh garlic

2 cups of fresh ramp leaves

1 cup dandelion greens

1/2 cup Pine Nuts or Walnuts

I try not to pick too many of the bulbs of the ramps. It takes 7 years to grow large bulbs. Pick sparingly and grow more ramps. Think longevity for the plants and yourselves.

Vitamin C and the greens of the leaves help to unclog arteries and open pathways for better flow of blood in your system. This is a great boost to a slow sluggish system. Keep your energy flowing strong.


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