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Turkey Tail Mushrooms

This Turkey Tail Mushrooms was found in the summer month of August. They grow on living or dead hardwood trees such as maple. Turkey tail is a polypore mushroom, which you will see tiny pores on the backside of the mushroom. This is a highly prized medicinal mushroom and can be found in a wide array of teas, tinctures and powers on the market. It has a variegated striped pattern that fans out like a turkeys tail. I typically find these in larger shelf like clumps, but they can be found in smaller groups.

This mushroom has immune system supporting beta-glucans. These can be extracted in water and give you extra support for your immune defense. I usually break off and crumble a teaspoon or so into tea. Mushrooms also are a great source of vitamin D. Which in the winter months, this is needed. Great mushroom to get you through the winter. Especially in MN.

a plumb of turkey tail mushrooms growing on a maple stump on the ground


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