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Wild Mushroom Rules

I've learned a lot about Maitake Mushrooms and wild mushrooms.

#1 rule NEVER EVER EAT this, or any wild mushroom RAW. All wild must be cooked thoroughly. You don't want to eat something that could cause a bad reaction and end up in the hospital or dead.

#2 Eat only small portions of a mushroom first to see how you will react to it. Everybody is different and you may not fair well with some mushrooms.

#3 Find a mushroom group or class to learn from before trying new mushrooms. The Minnesota Mycology Society provides classes through out the year.

#4 Recommended book for identification is. The National Audubon Society Feild Guide To Mushrooms.

A Huge Maitake Mushroom

This mushroom was found under a huge red old oak tree. It may produce for a very long time until it finally kills the tree. They grow from late August to November depending on the area and temperature you live in.

Mushrooms are beautiful, intricate and mysterious. They awaken parts of your body and mind to further teach you about the earth, your body and how to best live a path aligned with earth, your body and soul. Trust your body, it will tell you what is needed. You may pivot your course to a happier, healthier you.

Good luck and happy mushroom hunting!


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